Similar to the persuasive advertising techniques identified in our inquiry of print advertising, the internet has brought on new advertising methods. Print out and complete the following chart to find out more about the ways that advertising is used online.

Part I - Select five (5) websites from the list below of "Most Popular Children's Websites (Ages 8-12)" and visit each site. Complete the chart below by checking off whether the websites you visited have the descriptors listed on the chart.
After you have visited the five different websites, to respond to the reflection questions in part II below in an extended response that you will post on the discussion tab of this wiki page.

Most Popular Children's Websites (Ages 8-12)

American Girl Doll

Part II - Reflection Questions:

Please answer these questions in an extended response to be posted in the "Discussion" tab of this wikipage. Please note that wikispaces does not have spell check. Thus, you may want to type up your responses in a word document and then cut and paste into a new post when you select the discussion tab.

1. List the words and images that websites use to make you feel as if you can enter and belong.
2. What are the types of cartoon "spokes-characters" used on these websites? How and why are they appealing to young children?
3.What advertising techniques are the websites using to promote their product? Are there any new advertising techniques being used on the web? If so, please describe these new techniques.
4. Which of the websites you visited tried to gather information about you? What type of information does someone have to give in order to register for a club or win a prize?
5. Do you think that these companies do a good job in getting your attention online? Explain your response.
6. How does the interactivity of these websites influence your relationship with the product and or brand? How does the internet change advertising and our relationships with brands? Explain your response.