Wearable Technology Through the Preface of Innovation


Wearable technology is any type of technology that can be physically worn by a person. They are very portable, and can be taken with the user anywhere they go during their daily life. Depending on their purpose, wearable technologies can do a number of things for the user. Many new kinds of this technology are available, will be coming out in 2013, or coming out in a few years including:

Co-Creator of Google (Sergey Brin) talks about the Google Glass
Co-Creator of Google (Sergey Brin) talks about the Google Glass

- Google Glasses (Picture to the left) A Day In the Life With Google Glasses

- Under Armour E39 Compression Shirt

- Pebble Wristwatches Pebble Watch Overview

- Recon Instruments GPS Ski Goggles (Bottom Photo) Showing off the Recon GPS Goggles

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These goggles have a built-in GPS system and many other features.
These goggles have a built-in GPS system and many other features.



There are many advantages to wearable technology.It is very portable
considering the fact that one can wear these devices.Wearable technology
could make daily life a lot easier for the average person.
They could perform tasks while being practically attached to the user.
Although wearable technology could potentially be very
useful, there are some possible cons. These devices
could be annoying to wear or heavy. Also, some
wearable technologies would look strange in public
if they are a new concept. This technology can be expensive.


Wearable technology is a relatively new concept. In the past, there were not many forms of this type of technology. Now, there are devices like these that are available, and many new ones are coming out. There is still a lot of open room for more forms of wearable technology. This involves innovation in that there are opportunities for all kinds of great wearable technologies to be invented. The possibilities at this point are basically endless. Wearable technology provides a lot of open space for innovators to create the next popular device.

Education Uses:

Someday, wearable technology could be used in schools. Instead of hauling items for class to class, students could wear devices to help them perform daily tasks. If schools would be willing to accept these technologies, they could potentially be very beneficial to students. Maybe in the future, students could wear a device containing a digital textbook, rather than drag around those heavy books. This would make education much more efficient for the average school student. Wearable technology could cause students to be more interested in learning and can make education much more enjoyable and simpler.

Wearable Technology in the Works Today

Google Glasses:

The Google Glasses could possibly come out toward the end of 2013. They feature a screen in the top corner and do not have any lenses. The Google Glasses are controlled mostly by voice commands, and they are able to carry out many different commands including taking pictures, taking videos, giving directions, searching information on Google, and much more.There is also a feature that allows the glasses to give information without being asked, depending on the circumstances.

Under Armour E39 Compression Shirt:

The E39 Compression Shirt from Under Armour is a shirt designed with a sensor in the chest area. Under Armour and Zephyr Technology teamed up in order to create this shirt. It can be worn by athletes to detect heart rate, lung capacity, metabolism, and more. In the future, this could be useful for anything from workouts to the NFL combine. The E39 Compression Shirt can give the athlete an idea of how well they did during their performance.

Pebble Wristwatch:

The Pebble E-Paper Watch is a smart watch that is extremely easy to customize. It came out fairly recently and is now available. The current price is fairly affordable and is currently at $150.00. The watch has downloadable programs, just like applications for smartphones. With your iPhone or Android, the user hooks up their watch in sync with the phone. This allows you to receive phone calls, texts, or emails. The Pebble E-Watch can be used for: cycling, music, running, and has a golf rangefinder inserted into the watch. The user is also able to change the watch face with the many different options. The color options include, Arctic White, Jet Black, and Cherry Red. The watch itself is made up of:
- Bluetooth loading
- 144 x 168 pixel display black and white e-paper
- Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR and 4.0 (Low Energy)
- 4 buttons
- Vibrating motor
- 3 axis accelerometer with gesture detection
- Distribute apps via Pebble Watch app store

Recon Instruments GPS Goggles:

The Recon Instruments GPS Goggles are ski goggles that have a built in GPS system and other features. While skiing, the user can see the trails right in front of their eyes. The goggles are even able to connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth. You can even track your jump distance, airtime, drop, and more with the GPS goggles. This technology is great for any skier who needs to navigate down the mountain.

Wearable Technology in the Future

Wearable technology is a fairly new concept. There are many possibilities for the future of these products. For purposes like education, recreation, and more, wearable technology cold become very practical. It would be much easier to have useful tools practically attached to you as you go about your daily life. As this technology improves, innovators could make endless versions of these products. The future of wearable technology looks bright, and the possibilities are endless.

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