Is all the news we watch and read biased?
What is bias? According to one Ezine article, bias is defined as "A predisposition or a preconceived opinion that prevents a person from impartially evaluating facts that have been presented for determination; a prejudice."

Simply put: it is a state of mind when you have already decided on the issue without even knowing the full facts. You may call it prejudice or being partial.

Unfortunately, bias not always easy to recognize in the news media. There are no news reporters or news stations that come right out and say "this is biased, so watch out!" Rather, we must try to find bias ourselves, and in order to do so we must know where to look. The most common ways that bias manifests itself in the news are through word choice, omissions, framing of the story, and a biased selection and use of sources.

Directions - Your task in the computer lab is to research the links related to your topic available on the MSK Wiki. Read through each web link. Based on your reading and understanding complete the questions. Tomorrow, you will meet with other members of your group to begin formulating a news cast that you will present to the entire class about your current events topic.

Amanda Knox Resources:

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The Seattle Times (Amanda Knox is From Washington State) Responds to Amanda Knox

US Perspective on Amanda Knox Trial,,personsTax:AmandaKnox,00.html

The Daily Beast & the Evidence of the Amanda Knox Trial
More Amanda Knox Resources:
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The Enigma of Amanda Knox

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Steve Jobs Resources:
Wall Street Journal

Associated Press

New York Times

USA Today

Mona Simpson's Eulogy for Steve Jobs

NBA Lockout Resources:
LA Times

Colbert Report

ESPN Looks at All Sides of the Issue

Sports Illustrated

New York Times

Occupy Wall Street Resources:
The Observer

New York Times

The Guardian (UK Based)

Additional Resources Used for this Wikipage:
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