footprint.jpgEssential Questions: What is a Digital Footprint? What does your digital reputation convey?

Do Now: Using google or another search site, search your teacher's name. Find ten things about her that you did not know just from Googling or searching her name online. Can you find out where she lives? What does she do when she is not teaching? Who are her relatives? What is her online reputation? Where did she go to high school and college? What else can you find out online about her. Record your notes in your Visual Journal.

Lesson Objectives: Students will be able to ...
  • learn that they have a digital footprint and that information from it can be searched; copied and passed on; seen by a large, invisible audience, and can be persistent.
  • recognize that people‚Äôs online information can be helpful or harmful to their reputation and image.
  • consider their own digital footprints and what they want those footprints to be like in the future.

We have have a digital reputation, also called a digital footprint.

Watch the video and then answer the reflection questions in the discussion tab at the top of this Wiki page.

1. The video contains multiple symbol images -- a football stadium, a lighthouse, a finger print, whispers in one's ear, permanent marker -- Choose one of the images presented in the video and describe the meaning or symbolic connection between the image and a digital footprint.
2. Can you tell what a person is like offline based on the information that you find online about them?
3. How would you define digital foot print?
4. What is the digital reputation you want for yourself ten years from now? How does this influence how you will use the internet now?