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Flat Connections Global Project Ning
Here is the link to a social media site to communicate with other students working on this project. You will create a handshake video to post on the Ning and introduce yourself to other students in this project around the globe.

Flat Connections Wikispaces

Horizon Report 2014
This project is based on research published by the Horizon Report. The Horizon Report addresses technology trends that are currently influencing education and global society today. The six trends that are addressed in the current Horizon Report include:

(1) Cloud Computing
(2) Mobile Learning
(3) Learning Analytics
(4) Open Content
(5) 3D Printing
(6) Virtual and Remote Laboratories.

During this project students will be assigned one of the technology trends to research and report about to the larger global collaborative project. Students will research and collaborate in writing an eBook on a Wiki about the technology trend and its influence in education and the larger society. In addition, students will create a video about their topic and submit it to the Flat Connections Global Project Summit.

Rubrics for Video Project