How good are you at spotting the fakes?
We already know that not everything that we find on the web is trustworthy or reliable. To test your internet savvy skills, you will evaluate one of the websites below using the Evaluation Website Worksheet. Print out the worksheet for your journal and use it to help you decide whether your website is credible or not. Tomorrow in class students will present their finding to the whole class.
Evaluation Websites Worksheet

Websites for Evaluation

1. California Velcro Crop

2. Facts About the Civil War

3. American Civil War

4. Dangers of Bread

5. The Constitution

6. Google Technology

7. Mythology

8. Caveman Facts

9. 5 Second Rule

10. Mothers Against Video Game Violence

11. Preparing for Emergencies

12. Feline Reactions to Bearded Men Research Report

13. DHMO

14. Your Body – Your Health

After you have completed your evaluation of the websites, in the discussion tab above list five (5) key things that students should pay attention to on a webpage in order to check for reliability, trustworthiness and credibility.